Calf Injuries: ‘a scourge amongst middle-aged runners’

Calf strains, according to Brian at and his reasoned opinion on their cause is pretty much what personal trainer seems to think. Enjoyed being stretched and prodded and foam rollered (until The Beast came out) and homework is as usual nothing more strenuous than stretching and trying to ‘walk normally’. But really do need to do more stretching more often and for longer.

Bit worried that am not running enough miles, bailed out after 3 of planned 5 this morning (but the last two were a good excuse to try the walk normally thing before meeting trainer, and she noticed a difference). That’s only 9 all week so far. Day off tomorrow. 9 or 10 at most on Friday, 6-8 on Saturday. Will be under 25 for the week which is not ideal.


LOVE running club. There is no way I would ever run at ‘fastest maintainable speed’ for any distance, not even 1 x 400m and certainly not 8 or 10. With warm up and cool down around 3.75 slightly speedier than usual miles.

happiness is a strong bum

Read it in Runners World recently, thought it throughout my training session with Abi. Not at first when she was watching me walk on the treadmill for ages, staring at my feet and frowning at my inability to make much use of my heels but later during multiple sets of squats, split squats and some buttock clenching pelvis thrusting at her squeezing against me thing.

I cried during the IT band releasing with spiky black bastard roller, which is my only homework a few times a week apart from ‘try to walk normally, use your heels, take longer strides’.