Partners in Crime

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As I drag my ailing self around the gym with my trainer, suddenly I notice an attractive chap. He’s tall with a shock of dark blond hair – looks Dutch. He looks, in fact, like a young Louis Van Gaal, or my imagining of a young Louis Van Gaal at any rate. Never seen a photo of him in his youth as far as I know. Anyway, young Louis is wearing flowered board shorts in various shades of blue and a red, white and blue t-shirt and trainers and white socks pulled up his calves. He’s tanned with grey eyes.
Unfortunately he’s also married, or at any rate he’s wearing a wedding ring, I notice, and award myself a medal for noticing before attempting to chat him up.
The thing about this incident is that it’s just that, an isolated incident. After all, I go to the gym at least…

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#juneathon 16/17/18 ?

have developed some sort of repetitive swimming disorder, since the pool has been drained so the max depth is only 4′  and I’m less worried about drowning 

Yesterday ran 4 or 5 miles, the garmin has been all ‘je ne peux pas’ about finding satellites

but mostly has been all lucky strikes and leff beer 


outmanoeuvred #juneathon 15

outmanoeuvred juneathon #15

lately whenever I am out for a walk or run at some point a sinister, silvery entity starts following me round the edges of the fields – I know it is an old Nissan driven by my 15 year old or her friend but it’s unnerving, except for today when they interrupted my 4 mile walk to bring me some lunch

will be away for a few days but hopefully there will be some swimming and running to log when I get home