#juneathon 16/17/18 ?


have develope some sort of repetitive swimming disorder, since the pool has been drained so the max depth is only 4′  and I’m less worried about drowning 

Yesterday ran 4 or 5 miles, the garmin has been all ‘je ne peut pas’ about finding satellites

but mostly has been all lucky strikes and leff beer 


outmanoeuvred #juneathon 15

outmanoeuvred juneathon #15

lately whenever I am out for a walk or run at some point a sinister, silvery entity starts following me round the edges of the fields – I know it is an old Nissan driven by my 15 year old or her friend but it’s unnerving, except for today when they interrupted my 4 mile walk to bring me some lunch

will be away for a few days but hopefully there will be some swimming and running to log when I get home

hooray for me! #juneathon 14

apart from a ten mile mistake in February today’s 6.3 miles has been the longest run all year (I think, I can’t actually cope with separating running, cycling, riding and walking activities on Garmin Connect to find out) and I feel strong and happy, it was also my fastest run (this week anyway) so all that awful grumpiness and inactivity (they go together well don’t they) yesterday paid off

and a big thank you to The Guru!



run ride run #juneathon 12

:) nice 2 mile run with Julia this morning, tried very hard to enjoy riding the fat rodeo machine for just under an hour Image(this is an actual pony, as pictured here, not some sort of contraption) he was very good at not rodeo-ing but despite his improved behaviour and the sun shining so helpfully I still can’t claim to have enjoyed it much

and then another nice run and a walk (maybe a further 2 or 3 miles, garmin express is being obstructive and I am too tired) tonight with spaniel



stalking myself #juneathon 10

An unplanned day at dog friendly beach in Essex before running low on petrol on the way into east London when we should have been arriving back in Suffolk scuppered my loose plans for a cycle ride this evening. Instead I went for a (can you stroll briskly? walk doesn’t sound nearly energetic enough for the uphill bits) round the fields with my lovely sunset shadow and her long, slender limbs marching resolutely beside me. Love her. 2.6 miles.